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BYATA Conference 19-20 July 2011, Auckland

Published on June 15, 2011 from BYATA

“Innovate of Die” is the harsh but realistic fact facing New Zealand’s youth and adventure tourism industry, according to BYATA Chair Michelle Trapski and the overriding theme for the 3rd annual Backpacker, Youth and Adventure Tourism Association (BYATA) conference to be held in Auckland on 19-20th July 2011.

“Getting young, adventure-seeking backpackers to New Zealand is of great importance to our tourism industry and our economy.

“New Zealand is awesome, the problem is, a lot of backpackers don’t know it. Back in the early 1990s and 2000s, New Zealand was the (it) destination among backpackers. Since then, the market has forged new and alternative destinations like South East Asia and South America. Even the Aussies have done a fantastic job at positioning themselves in the market at both a trade and consumer level but unfortunately New Zealand has been left behind,” said Ms Trapski.

The two day annual conference is set to challenge the existing thinking within the industry and help re focus New Zealand back to being perceived and known as the great youth and adventure destination.

The conference boasts an impressive line up of international and domestic speakers including Sean Cummins - Entrepreneur and advertising veteran with 25 years of experience, recipient of numerous Cannes Lions awards including the hugely successful Tourism Queensland “Best Job in the World” campaign.

Other speakers include:

With two days of insightful discussion and networking opportunities the popular annual conference is a must for anyone connected with the New Zealand tourism industry.

New Zealand rocks. We know it; we want the world to know it. With ample proof of what an exciting, vibrant and fun place to visit this country is, it’s time for us to bring those values to way we position ourselves in the competitive tourism market. The 2011 BYATA conference will lay the foundations to give us all the kick-start we need to get moving. Innovate, or die. The latter has never been an option.

A limited early bird special of $350 per person is available. Conference applications and further program details can be found at

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